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How to Verify a Professional's License in Hialeah?

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) is the agency responsible for issuing professional licenses in different counties and cities in Florida, including Hialeah. The DBPR issues over 15 types of professional licenses in Hialeah, and as a resident of the city, you must always ensure that you hire a licensed professional. Hiring a professional that is not licensed may lead to statutory penalties such as a cease and desist order and a fine of up to $5,000 or more. You can always avoid such unfavorable situations by requesting proof of licensing and verifying the information using the DBPR's online license search portal. Professionals in Hialeah may also be required to obtain a locally issued license. For example, building professionals such as contractors in Hialeah are mandatorily required to obtain a license from the Miami Dade County Contractor Licensing Section to be eligible to work in the city and other cities in the county. Likewise, contractors in Hialeah are required to register with the Hialeah Building Division. You can verify a contractor's licensing and registration by calling this division at (305) 883 - 5825.

Having verified the professional's license status, you must ensure that the individual obtains the necessary permits for the job. This will help you avoid a variety of financial liabilities, including city fines. For example, carrying out a home improvement or construction work in Hialeah without obtaining a building permit from the city's Building Division is punishable by a fine of $250. You can avoid this by ensuring that the professional has obtained the appropriate building permit, and verifying the building permit's status online by utilizing the department's permit search tool. All other queries concerning building permits can be directed to the Hialeah Building Division by calling (305) 883-5825.

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Do Hialeah Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Hialeah utilizes a city council system that comprises seven members that are elected at large to represent the entire city. The city council is the primary legislative body in Hialeah, and it is responsible for approving the city's budget. While the city council governs the entire city, there are other organizations created by residents of different neighborhoods to respond to the specific needs of homeowners and people living in these neighborhoods. These organizations usually include, but are not limited, to neighborhood associations, maintenance associations, and homeowners associations. Neighborhood associations and homeowners associations in Hialeah do not issue building permits. However, these associations can influence the building and maintenance of a structure in their community. For example, the Marbella Park East Homeowners Association has an architectural review committee that approves plans involving construction, reconstruction, remodeling, or alteration to any structure, building, or fence in the community. Likewise, the Moors Masters Maintenance Association requires members to obtain a written approval from the association before making any exterior architectural modifications to their buildings. Failure to apply and obtain written approval from the association is considered a violation and fines may be imposed. Residents of Hialeah can find the contact information of important city officials and agencies via the city's online directory.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Hialeah?

Residents of Hialeah can file business complaints with different agencies, depending on the nature of their complaints. Business complaints involving a violation of any of the city codes can be filed with the city's Code Enforcement Division by calling (305) 883 - 5832. However, if the complaints involve unfair and deceptive business practices, then it is best to file the complaint with the Miami Dade County Office of Consumer Protection online or by calling (786) 469 2333. The Office of Consumer Protection investigates consumer complaints and mediates disputes between businesses and consumers in Hialeah. While the Office of Consumer Protection can issue a civil citation to any business operator that violates a law, it has no power to give legal advice or represent consumers as an attorney in the matter. Residents of Hialeah that want to recover funds lost to a business can pursue legal action with an appropriate court. For example, matters involving claims of up to $8,000 can be filed in a Miami Dade County Small Claims Court.

Finally, complaints involving criminal offenses such as consumer fraud, identity theft, and vandalism can be filed with the Professional Compliance Bureau of the Hialeah Police Department by calling (305) 953-5339.