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How to Verify a Professional's License in Davie?

Residents of Davie are generally advised to confirm that any professional they intend to hire is duly licensed to ensure this professional can legally work within the city. For instance, all home improvement and construction projects in Davie must be carried out by a contractor who possesses either a Broward County Certificate of Competency or a State of Florida license. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) licenses and regulates more than 460,000 professionals across Florida, including the Town of Davie. Accordingly, you can verify a professional's license by checking the DBPR license verification portal. For further inquiries, you can contact the DBPR at (850) 487-1395.

In addition to ensuring that you are working with a licensed professional, you should also adhere to any local requirements applicable to your project. For example, you need permits to carry out home improvement or construction projects in Davie. The Davie Building Division is the local department in charge of issuing such permits, and you can contact the Division at (954) 797-1111 for building permit inquiries.

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Do Davie Neighbourhood Councils
Issue Permits?

The Town of Davie is divided into four districts, and each district is represented by a member of the Town Council. This Council, which is a five-member body that includes a Mayor elected at large, primarily carries out legislative and policy-making functions, and it does not issue permits for home improvement and construction projects. However, even though the Council does not issue construction permits, it oversees land use and development projects in Davie. To this end, the Town Council is currently overseeing the College Avenue Roadway Improvement Project, which is in its second phase. The project aims to make a few road improvements on College Avenue from Nova Drive to State Road 84. The Council is also supervising the Davie Road Improvement Project, with phase three having commenced in September 2021. This project will introduce some improvements on Davie road, including drainage enhancements and electrical service upgrades.

How to File Unfair Business
Complaints in Davie?

The Broward County Consumer Protection Division receives, investigates, and addresses unfair business complaints from residents of Davie. You can file a complaint with this Division online or by calling (954) 765-1700.

Alternatively, you can file unfair business complaints directly with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). However, the DBPR only reviews complaints against professions or business categories under its jurisdiction. To this end, the DBPR maintains a list of regulated professions or business categories that interested parties can access to determine whether their complaints fall within the DBPR's jurisdiction. If the business you are filing a complaint against is not included in the DBPR's list, you can submit your complaint through a contact form or contact the DBPR at (850) 487-1395 for assistance.

If the unfair business practice you are reporting alleges criminal or illegal conduct by a business or professional, you can submit a separate report to the Davie Police Department by calling (954) 797-1000.

Note that complaints received by any of the agencies mentioned above are investigated and reviewed in the public's interest. Therefore, you may not be reimbursed for any inconveniences the unfair practices you complained about might have caused. Nevertheless, you can pursue your reimbursement by commencing a small claims case against the relevant business or professional at the Small Claims Department of the Broward County Clerk of Courts. Note that you cannot claim more than $8,000 in a small claims case. These types of cases can also be heard in court without attorney representation. However, before commencing the small claims case, it is recommended that you consult an attorney for a legal assessment of your case and proper legal advice.