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How to Verify a Professional's License in Cape Coral?

Over 30 types of professional licenses are issued to professionals who wish to operate in Cape Coral by the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation. In addition to obtaining professional licenses at the state level from the Department of Business & Professional Regulation, building professionals in Cape Coral are also required to obtain city-issued licenses. These city-issued licenses are issued by the Cape Coral Code Compliance Division through its Office of Licensing and Business Tax Receipts. You must ensure that your intended professionals have acquired the relevant licenses at both the state and city levels. You can ascertain professionals' state-level licensing status via the online licensee search platform provided by the Department of Business & Professional, and you can use the eTRAKIT software provided by the city's Compliance Division to verify the local licensing status of professionals in the city.

In addition to verifying the licensing status of your intended professionals, you also need to ascertain the necessary permits you may require for your projects. Typically, if your projects involve the construction, alteration, or modification of new and old structures within Cape Coral, you need to take steps to obtain the requisite permits. The Cape Coral Building Division, through its Permitting Office, is responsible for issuing permits to interested parties in Cape Coral. You can use the Permitting Office's customer service-permitting contact information directory to get specific information about the city's permit process and requirements.

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Do Cape Coral Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Cape Coral is divided into seven council districts that represent the city's neighborhoods and the community members within these districts. The council districts do not issue permits to the residents of the city, however, it fulfills legislative duties for the city by creating ordinances and developing policies. Each neighborhood has a representative in the council districts, and these representatives ensure that the affairs of their community members are generally taken care of. The council districts also encourage projects that can aid the development and improvement of their communities. For example, the Cape Coral City Council approved an additional $1,500,000 for a reclaimed water project that entails constructing a pipeline under the Caloosahatchee River near the Cape Coral Midpoint Bridge, which would improve water quality and help keep the canals filled. Similarly, the Cape Coral City Council plans to discuss the approval of the construction of parks at the Cultural Park, Gator Circle, Sands Park, and Oasis Woods, which is commonly referred to as Joe Coviello Park. The parks will provide walking paths, shaded picnic areas, playgrounds, and outdoor recreational opportunities for the residents and visitors.

To find out the district that your neighborhood belongs to and your district's elected representatives, you can use the city's Council District Map and city's find my council member tool respectively.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Cape Coral?

All matters relating to unfair business practices in Cape Coral are handled by the Consumer Protection Office of the Florida Attorney General's Office. You can complete an online complaint form or download a Consumer Complaint Form to file a complaint with this office. The downloaded complaint form and copies of relevant documents can be sent to the mail address provided on top of the complaint form.

The Attorney General's Office investigates complaints and may take necessary actions against the subject of the complaint if a probable cause is established. However, there is no guarantee of personal remedies when you file complaints with this office. Also, the Attorney General's Office is not empowered to give you legal advice on how to get personal remedies. You can utilize the lawyer referral service provided by the Lee County Bar Association to connect with lawyers who can advise you on the available legal options for getting these remedies. For instance, if you have a civil claim of not more than $8000, your lawyer can advise you to file a Cape Coral small claims action at the Lee County Small Claims Division. For more information regarding avenues available for restitution claims, you can contact the Cape Coral Bar Association at (239) 334-4491 or via email.